What we do

At DoorDash, all of our customers (Consumers, Dashers & Merchants) are at the forefront of the product strategy. Being customer-obsessed is one of our core DoorDash values and is baked into the founding story of the company. We deeply believe that the best customer experience is synonymous with the success of our business in the long run. Design plays a critical thought partner role in all aspects of the problem-solving process.

DoorDash Design Principles


We inspire users with unexpected magic and care. We have the best understanding of customers and are proud of what we ship.


The real world is complex. We have all the right details handled and scenarios considered.


Users rely on DoorDash with their livelihood and day-to-day needs. We earn user’s trust with every visit because we’re consistent, transparent, and reliable.


We are performant, intuitive, and quickly solve users’ needs. User’s life becomes easier and simpler because of DoorDash.

Our Users

Consumer Design

The Consumer design team creates the website and mobile app that millions of customers use every day to order a meal.

Restaurant delivery is at the heart of our business, but we’ve also expanded our service to meet additional user needs. Grocery delivery, restaurant pickup, and business catering have all been launched recently, and additional services are on the horizon.

Through the team’s hard work, we’re currently ranked as the #1 app in the Food & Drink category in the app store.

Our Users

Dasher Design

DoorDash drivers (A.K.A. Dashers) are at the heart of the company’s logistics business. 

Dasher design team makes a massive impact on the millions of driver’s experience throughout the full end-to-end lifecycle, from onboarding, scheduling, and delivery to tracking earnings and rating. 

Our mission is to help Dashers reach their financial goals through flexibility and stability.

Our Users

Merchant Design

The Merchant design team creates user experiences that help our 300,000+ merchants grow and operate their business.

Our ultimate goal is to become an essential partner for every restaurant, whether that’s helping them increase their sales and customer base, enhancing their in-store operations, or providing a menu of services beyond fulfillment.

Unique Challenges at DoorDash

The problems we solve are very ambiguous and complex

Rarely the problems we solve are cleanly isolated in a single audience. Imagine how we’d perfect one seemingly simple delivery experience: a merchant needs to prepare the food on time, a dasher needs to pick up the food and deliver it to the correct address on time, and a customer needs to be available to receive the food. When one thing slips in this tight coordination, it can result in a subpar delivery experience.

We encourage and celebrate self-drive

We are entrepreneurs at heart. There will be a clearly-articulated goal company-wide, but nobody will tell you exactly how you should execute. And often these are the problems that DoorDash will be pioneering to solve for the first time in the industry. You’ll get to disambiguate the problems and drive the problem-solving process end to end. Go-getters with a strong bias for action and curiosity thrive at DoorDash.

We move lightning fast

If you had worked in a fast environment, imagine 5x velocity. We believe in building fast and learning fast. But it doesn’t mean it’s ok to ship a crappy product for the sake of speed. DoorDash is an “and” culture, not “either/or.” We strive to balance the speed with quality through rigorous reviews and healthy debates. Also, most of the large initiatives start with vision exercises so that there’s a long-term blueprint in place.

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